Pontikonissi and Panagia Vlachernon

Kanoni – Pontikonissi

The famous island of Pontikonissi belongs to the municipality of Corfu and is about 3 km from the town. Pontikonissi means “island of mice” or “mouse island”. Some say it was named so because it looks like a mouse from above or because it is as small as a mouse.

During the reign of Othon, a monastery with a church dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour was built in Pontikonisi, which is celebrated on August 6.

You may have heard the song “Corfu with Pontikonisi” and if you are there, you will surely understand why it is considered the island’s trademark together with Liston.

You head towards Garitsa and after a short, picturesque drive you reach Kanoni. From there you will see Pontikonisi, the small green island in front of Corfu Airport with the floating runway, in Halikiopoulos Bay.

Panagia Vlachernon

Visiting Pontikonisi is forbidden for the protection of the island, but the second most important attraction is only a few metres away: the church of Panagia Vlachernon, one of the most famous places on Corfu island. The church is located on the small island of Vlacherna, which is connected to the mainland by a small jetty. Small boats and boats with visitors dock at the jetty.

* Panagia Vlachernon is translated as “Virgin Mary of Vlacherna”

In front the Panagia of Vlacherna and behind it the Pontikonissi
In front the Panagia Vlachernon and behind it the Pontikonissi

Pontikonissi is mentioned in many myths. According to the most famous of these myths, Mouse Island is the boat of Odysseus that brought him to the island of the Phaeacians.

During a terrible storm, Odysseus was washed up on the shore of the island and the god Poseidon transformed his ship into this green rock.

Pontikonissi and Panagia Vlachernon on the map

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