The picturesque town of Corfu


Corfu is the largest city and capital of the island of Corfu, but also of the region of the Ionian Islands. Corfu is located on the eastern side of the island and is built on a peninsula that divides the town into two different parts.

The population of Corfu is estimated at around 32,000 inhabitants, although the number increases significantly during the summer months due to the many tourist and seasonal services and shops.

The old and the new Corfu

Corfu is divided into the old town and the new town. The new town has a clear urban character and is structured as a modern city centre with avenues and tall buildings.

The old town of Corfu is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, very picturesque and fascinating.

kantounia in the old town of corfu

The old town of Corfu

The kantounia of Corfu, the famous and much sung about picturesque alleys and cobbled streets are very recognisable and very special.

Corfu combines Venetian and mediaeval architecture, which gives the town a very special character. The most picturesque square is Kremasti Square with its ornate stone fountain, while the winding streets can be a little confusing if you are travelling in a hire car, but the Corfiots are polite and hospitable and will help you find your way with their distinctive singing accent.

Tourism in Corfu

Corfu and its castle from a bird's eye view
Corfu and its castle from a bird’s eye view

The most characteristic feature of Corfu is that it attracts thousands of tourists, which is no surprise to anyone, as Corfu Town is green and very beautiful, with an excellent tourist infrastructure, picturesque places to eat and drink and a variety of cultural activities.

Sightseeing in Corfu

You can find many different attractions on Corfu. The town’s two Venetian fortresses are characteristic points of Corfu and attract many tourists. During the summer months, concerts and theatre events are held in one of the two fortresses.

Corfu Town is characterised by a number of attractions that are enviable in both beauty and number:

  • Spianada, the largest square in Corfu and the Balkans.
  • The Liston, the street with arches in the centre of Corfu, the largest square in the Balkans and the largest in the Balkans, the Liston, the largest in the Balkans and the Balkans, the Liston in the Balkans and the largest in the Balkans.
  • Agios Spyridon, the church of the patron saint of Corfu with its large spire-like bell tower the tomb of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of free Greece the monument of Dionysios Solomos, one of the places worth seeing within walking distance of the centre is the famous Achilleion, the summer residence of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. The Achilleion takes its name from the impressive statue of the dying Achilles that adorns its lush garden.
  • The Mon Repaux, the former royal summer palace,
  • Pontikonissi, the landmark of Corfu
  • the Corfu Town Hall
  • the Archaeological Museum of Corfu
  • The Sino-Japanese Museum of Corfu
  • the Platy Kantouni
  • the Ionian Academy
  • Kambielo and the Mouraia neighbourhoods are also places worth seeing in Corfu

If you have a rental car, you can park it somewhere and walk around the beautiful town of Corfu to visit the numerous shops and, of course, buy kumquat liqueur.

Entertainment in Corfu

Corfu is a town famous for its nightlife and the various entertainment options it offers tourists and visitors of all ages.

Corfu has a large number of bars and clubs, but also many restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious recipes of Ionian cuisine and Corfiot wine or try Corfiot ginger beer.

Corfu Town on the map of the island

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