Sidari – Canal d’Amour

Sidari is the best known and most visited resort on North Corfu and one of the most popular destinations for tourists on the island. Sidari is 32 km from Corfu Town and is easy to reach as the road is very passable and well maintained.

Canal d’Amour

canal d`amour in sidari corfu

Sidari has become world famous for the famous Love Canal, the Canal d’Amour, which is located there.

The Canal d’Amour is a small but beautiful beach nestled between white rocks and lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

The beach is very small, so there is usually a bit of a war to see who can grab what little space there is. The others have to be content with taking photos, sitting on the rocks next to the beach or visiting the huge hotel resort next door, which has pools and usually accommodates those who cannot find a place on the beach.

The cliffs at Canal d’Amour are much photographed and featured in many travel magazines. They are a collection of sandy rocks jutting out of the water with strange formations due to erosion by water and wind. However, there is a long path between the rocks where you can walk or simply rest and sunbathe.

The Canal d’Amour is not only visited by lovers and couples, but also by divers, as there are numerous underground sea caves in the area.

From Corfu Town and Gouvia, small glass-bottomed boats go to Sidari and the Canal d’Amour, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the seabed of Corfu.

Sidari Beach

Sidari is overshadowed by the Canal d’Amour but has its own fairly long sandy beach, although it is not as impressive as the Canal d’Amour.

sidari beach in corfu

The area is highly developed in terms of tourism and is overrun by British and Scandinavian tourists, most of them young. The tourist development of the area is naturally geared to the habits and tastes of this type of tourist, and so there are many rooms for rent and large all-inclusive hotels in Sidari.

There are many restaurants and fast food outlets, and the nightlife is very lively. It is estimated that over 4,000 British tourists come to Sidari in the summer months alone, not counting other nationalities.

However, the Sidari area itself is also of archaeological interest, with settlements dating back to the Neolithic period (3000 BC) having been found.

From Sidari, boats leave for Othoni, Mathraki and Ereikoussa.

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