Kavos in Corfu

Kavos is one of the most popular tourist places on Corfu. Kavos is located in Lefkimmi, in the southern part of Corfu, about 45 km from the town.

Kavos has developed a lot in tourism in the last twenty years and is the main tourist destination for young British and Scandinavians aged 18-32. Its main features are the sea, organised beaches, a very lively to frenetic nightlife and very cheap drinks.

hotel in Kavos area in Corfu

Kavos is also famous for its very cheap and inexpensive accommodation, as there are about 15,000 beds, both in cheap hotels, apartments or studios for rent, and in slightly more expensive hotels.

Young people who want to visit Kavos usually opt for accommodation in the settlement, close to the entertainment centre. In any case, they do not worry much about the noise at night, as no one in Kavos goes to bed before 6-7 am. Kavos, which is considered the equivalent of Malia in Crete, is not a good choice for families as there is sometimes unrest in the area.

Nightlife in Kavos

As the main feature of Kavos is the nightlife, we could not help but mention it. The party in Kavos starts in the early afternoon when the tourists wake up. Usually the dancing and beer drinking starts on the beaches, and later the fun moves inside the settlement, to the streets and bars. In the evening, it is difficult to see the entrance or exit of the bars and clubs as the music plays on the terrace and the clubs and streets become one.

On the beaches, however, it is relatively quiet at night, as the clubs play lounge and chill-out music, which probably appeals more to the romantics who stay on the beach until dawn when they go to bed.

Kavos Beach

Ο Κάβος διαθέτει μια όμορφη και μεγάλη παραλία με μήκος 1,5 χιλιόμετρο. Η παραλία είναι αμμώδης με ρηχά αλλά λίγο κρύα νερά.

kavos beach

Kavos beach is perfectly organised, with bars, restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas, but also with many opportunities for water sports and activities – everything you can imagine that would interest the young people who visit it. Next to the beach, there are also many clubs with pools and nice pool bars that also attract many people.

Activities in Kavos

Apart from drinking and dancing, Kavos also offers other activities to holidaymakers. There are football pitches, tennis courts, volleyball, karting, bungee jumping and amusement parks.

For those who want to leave Kavos for a while, there is Asprokavos, an area at the southernmost tip of Corfu that offers a unique view of the Aegean Sea and is home to the Lefkimmi Equestrian Centre.

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