The Port of Corfu

The port of Corfu is a typical and well photographed port, even though it is quite small. It is located in the town of Corfu, in Akrotiri Sidero, near the bay of Garitsa and is divided into the old and the new harbour.

The new port of Corfu

The new port of Corfu, built to the west of the old port, is the port for passenger ships, cruise ships and cargo ships that dock on the island, while the old port is used by sailing boats and yachts.


Corfu Harbour is easily accessible both during the day and at night thanks to its excellent traffic lights.

Half a mile outside the harbour is the small island of Vidos, while Lazaretto island is 2 miles to the southwest. There are several small islands off Cape Sidero, but all are charted and pose no problem to experienced sailors.

The port facilities are on the north coast of Akrotiri.

The port of Corfu has ferry connections with Igoumenitsa, Ancona, Bari, Trieste and Venice, and it also receives small ferries from Albania and Croatia. The companies operating in Corfu are ANEK, Blue Star Ferries and Minoan Lines.

The port of Corfu offers a range of services for yachts, such as fuel and water, repair and maintenance, rescue and fire-fighting equipment. Many smaller vessels and boats that take locals and tourists to Paleokastritsa, Kavos and other capes on the island depart from Corfu Harbour.

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The port of Lefkimmi

The second port of Corfu is in Lefkimmi, on the south side of the island. The port of Lefkimmi is connected by ferries with Corfu town, Igoumenitsa and the coasts of Epirus. The journey from Igoumenitsa to Lefkimmi takes about an hour and is done by open ferries. The port of Lefkimmi is known for its shallow waters and cannot accommodate large ships or cruise ships and vessels with a large draught.

Lefkimmi has become a tourist destination thanks to Kavos, the cape known for its intense nightlife, and the many young British and Scandinavians who visit the area every year.

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