The Marina in Gouvia

Corfu is an island known for its marinas and sheltered harbours. The morphology of the island is particularly suitable for sailing and yachting holidays.

Information about the Marina in Gouvia

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The marina in Gouvia on Corfu is one of the best marinas in Greece. It is located 7 km outside Corfu town, opposite the village of Kontokali and 6 km from the island’s airport.

Gouvia is considered an excellent place for small and large boats as it is quite windless and safe. Locals consider the Gouvia region as the natural link between Greece and Italy, or simply between the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

Approaching the marina from the sea, you can see the Cape Kommeno and two large and luxurious hotels to the north. The channel to the marina has a depth of 7m while in the port basin it is 3-5m. When entering the marina, skippers should be particularly attentive as there are shoals on both sides. Boats can moor or anchor on the sides of the piers.

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Gouvia has been used as an anchorage since the time of the Venetians, who were the first to establish a naval base and shipyard in the area.

Sailing and motor boats moor in the marina, which is very well organised and can handle a large number of boats at the same time. The marina of Gouvia can accommodate 1200 boats on the jetties and 500 places for boats on land. The boats that can anchor in Corfu are up to 80m long, with a maximum permitted width of 6.5m and a maximum draught of 5.5m. Moorings can last from one day to 20 years.

All charter companies in Greece are based in the marina of Gouvia, where foreign yacht companies are also located. The marina has large building facilities – about 3,500 sqm. The facilities include shops and shops for yachtsmen, the offices of the rental companies, restaurants and bars, refreshments, supermarkets, washing machines, showers and toilets for those who stay on their boats, and car and motorbike rental shops.

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The marina also houses sports facilities, a tennis club, a golf course, a swimming pool, a playground and a large cricket and croquet pitch. The surroundings and interior of the marina are green and the buildings are built in the style of traditional Corfu architecture.

Services at Gouvia Marina

The marina of Gouvia offers a full range of services for sailing and motor boats. Maintenance, watering, work and repairs on the reefs, as well as carpentry and electrical work are offered all year round. There are also divers for cleaning and inspection of reefs and underwater structures. All jetties, both fixed and floating, have water and electricity connexions.

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The marina is open 24 hours and is strictly guarded. Just outside the marina there are hotels and rooms for rent for those who do not wish to stay on the boats or prefer to experience a different environment.

Seaplanes at Gouvia Marina

Until 2008, it housed the facilities of AirSea Lines, the seaplanes from Corfu that flew to Paxos, Igoumenitsa and other Ionian islands. Seaplanes also flew over the island of Corfu for visitors and tourists who wanted to see the island and its beauties from above.

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