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Car Hire Corfu

Car Hire Corfu is a car hire site that cooperates with car hire companies on the island of Corfu in order to offer car rental services to its visitors. This company doesn’t actually rent cars, but oversees and evaluates the rental services, ensuring quality standards.

Car Hire Corfu

Clients who contact the Car hire Corfu company are channeled to the best agent who can meet their requirements and needs. The company co-operates with the following Car hire agencies:

San Stefanos Rent a Car: a family rent a car business, established in 1988. Today the company in San Stefanos is run by the one son of the family, while the other operates the Explore Rent a car in Sidari Village. The company delivers cars free to any hotel and accommodation outlet within the villages of Roda, Sidari, San Stefanos, Arillas and St George areas. All hire cars of their fleet are insured and meticulously maintained and checked.

Explore Rent a Car was also established in 1988 and is the same as ‘San Stefanos Rent a Car’ , this time in Sidari. As we mentioned earlier, it is run by the other son of the family. The company also delivers free of charge to any place in Roda, Sidari, San Stefanos, Arillas and St George areas, as well as to the Corfu Airport.

TP Rent a Car Company was established in 1975. It is also a family business, as many car hire companies in Corfu, run by Antony Pandis. The company delivers free of charge anywhere within Perama, Aiolos, Gouvia, Glifada, Ermones, Kavos, Dassis, Ipsos, Nissaki and many more places and areas. It also delivers to the Corfu airport and port.

At the website of the Car Hire Corfu you can get valuable information about Corfu, as well as about offers and discounts available to clients all year long. For additional details check http://www.car-hire-corfu.com/

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