The weather in Corfu

The weather in Corfu is typically Mediterranean, with slight variations due to the island’s unique location. Corfu is located in the north Ionian Sea, on the border with Adriatic Sea, in close proximity to the mainland (Epirus).

The northern Ionian Sea is generally different from the rest of Greece and its climate has some peculiarities. Although the Ionian Islands are generally not among the typical islands of the Aegean, they do have some features in common with them, such as strong sunshine and cloudless weather even in winter. Meltemia, the seasonal north winds of July and August are completely unknown in the Ionian Sea.

Summer weather in Corfu

The weather on Corfu is excellent during the summer months. The temperature in July and August does not exceed 34 degrees and in the afternoons there is a light breeze, the main wind – NW, which does not exceed 3-4 Beaufort. In the evening and morning hours there is usually relative calm.

the sea in the summer is usually calm in corfu island

Corfu is generally known for its very pleasant and mild weather and is an excellent choice for sailors and boat owners, especially for those who do not have much experience and cannot cope with the unpredictable weather in the Aegean. The locals call the sea of Corfu “holy” because it is very friendly, but the waters of Corfu are famous for their relatively low temperature, especially in Kassiopi and Agios Giorgis of Pagos.

Autumn weather in Corfu

In autumn, the weather on Corfu changes. The rich vegetation of the island is justified by the many and heavy rains that start gradually from the end of September. Temperatures are not low and are around 25 degrees in September and 22-18 degrees in October and November.

Humidity is characteristic of Corfu’s weather from October onwards and locals take special measures to deal with it in their homes as it is extremely intense and destructive. From November, Corfu prepares for winter, which is also very humid and rainy.

The weather in Corfu in winter

In the winter months, the weather on Corfu is mild and humid. It is characterised by large but generally not heavy rainfall and southerly winds that exceed 8 Beaufort. According to locals, the weather on Corfu is ideal for cultivation even in winter, as temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees on average. However, winter can also hold surprises, as in 2019 when it snowed again in Corfu town after 13 years.

snow in Corfu town in the winter of 2019

Despite the gale-force winds, which can last 5 to 7 days, the island rarely remains blocked due to the short distance to the mainland. However, there is often fog in the region, leading to frequent cancellations or delays of flights from Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport.

The weather in Corfu in spring

In spring, the weather on Corfu is pleasantly warm, with temperatures starting at 18 degrees and reaching 24-25 degrees by the end of May. As Corfu is a green island, the flower gardens, squares and wildflowers in the streets create an idyllic landscape.

In the spring months there is always a light breeze, which makes the atmosphere very pleasant. The bravest sailors emerge in the waters of the Ionian Sea in the spring months, taking advantage of the south-westerly winds that blow in the area and develop slowly, so that they can moor in the marinas and ports in good time.

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